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Valley of Ancients ? the complete experience

Take everything you have previously experienced at the Cango Wildlife Ranch; add more excitement, entertainment, fantasy and exotic animals and you will still only have a vague idea of what the completed Valley of Ancients has to offer you!

Despite a devastating flood in October 2006, the Cango Wildlife Ranch relentlessly pushed ahead with the construction of the second phase of this major development.  All of this took place whilst the Ranch still continued its day-to-day activities, thrilling visitors with tours through Phase One of the Valley of Ancients.  With the completion of Phase Two in December 2006, this ancient wonder world was revealed and left visitors breathless with awe and excitement. 

Valley of Ancients has turned the Cango Wildlife Ranch into a world-class institution.  With more than 500 specimens on display and nearly a kilometer of interactive exhibits, the Ranch has succeeded in not only transforming itself into the most family friendly attraction along the entire Garden Route, but also added tremendous value for money to its visitor?s experience.

As with Phase One, all stops were pulled out and the Cango Wildlife Ranch spared no expenses in acquiring the animals needed to complete the Valley of Ancients experience.  Giant flying foxes from Malaysia, Egyptian Fruit Bats, Nile monitors, Cape Griffon Vultures and Red River Hogs from the Congo took up residency.  Australasian lorikeets and wallabies arrived at the Ranch and were housed in the new interactive lorikeet aviary and Wallaby Walkabout exhibits.

During this time, the Cango Wildlife Ranch also had its hands full with the birth of no less than 11 cheetah cubs in September of which the first litter of 6 made an appearance on the SABC news.  A second pygmy hippo calve, a female, was born in October and one of the ring-tailed lemur females gave birth to three beautiful babies, confirming that not only was the new Valley of Ancient a hit with our visitors, but with its inhabitants as well.  The Ranch is on cloud nine with all the recent births ? a true ?heads up? for endangered species worldwide.

Guided tours at the Ranch now commence at the entrance of the impressive Zimbakwe Temple Ruins guarded by the Nyami Nyami from where visitors journey into an ancient temple.  Your first view being that of an under water viewing tank depicting an ancient sacrificial pool filled with rainbow colored cichlids, baby crocodiles and peculiar terrapins.  The tropical house allows you to walk freely amongst animals such as shy duiker, giant flying foxes and exotic birds whilst the remains of human sacrifices to the river god and enormous masks of gods long forgotten look upon your every step in this revered place.

A raised wooden walkway tempts visitors to move onto the Malawian forest exhibit with its beautifully colored Red river hogs and giant Nile monitors and there after our Cape griffon vultures nesting against an African cliff face in their brand new home accompanied by Malcolm and Lyons, our resident Marabou storks will greet you.  The ring-tailed lemurs now totaling five adults and three youngsters in their Madagascar themed enclosure, Snapper Gorge and the Croc Cage Diving pool reminding you of the Cabora Bassa in Mozambique, a Pygmy Hippo village straight out of the Congo, the otter waterfall, our new arrivals, the two Southern Ground Hornbills, and the Jumping Jaws pool complete the Valley of Ancients tour.  Experienced tour guides entertain and thrill visitors each step of way and carry over a strong conservation message both young and old take to heart whilst having the time of their lives witnessing creatures rarely seen.

Due to a huge demand for a family friendly facility, the Cango Wildlife Ranch took the giant step in ensuring our facility is the most child-friendly attraction along the entire Garden Route with the designing and construction of a children?s water and play park.

A splash park with water jets and jumping jewels was created and supplied for the first time in Africa by a manufacturer in the United States, making this the only one of its kind in South Africa.  Along with the splash park the kidszone has two giant 6m high fun fortresses, with rope ladders, a climbing wall and a 6 meter slide, a jumping castle, roundabouts and water canons, completing the experience for the older kids. Additionally a specially designed and imported Tiny Tots area was developed for the little ones with your toddler?s safety in mind.  Combine all of this with phenomenal family fun as well as a petting zoo where both young and old can meet their favorite farmyard animal and you have a play park as unique as the Ranch itself.

To ensure visitors have a truly memorable visit with as many experiences as possible, the Cango Wildlife Ranch also added an interactive lorikeet aviary, Kuranda Forest, as well as a Wallaby Walkabout to the experience bringing a piece of Australia to South Africa. 

Adding to the complete visitor experience, the existing Turtles restaurant menu has been upgraded for a more sophisticated palate and for families wanting a quick bite a fantastically rainforest themed Grunts fast food restaurant has been created.  Grunts restaurant with its gigantic snake counter consists of a large roofed deck area providing seating for up to 120 people.  The deck allows parents to sit in the misted shade and enjoy their meal whilst keeping an eye on the children enjoying the play and splash park.

A hint of civilization was also brought into this wild place with Nyami Nyami Café where you are able to get everything from snacks to the daily newspaper.

With guided tours departing every 5 minutes to accommodate the flow of visitors and the Turtles and Grunts restaurants packed this December season, there were no time for ?opening jitters? and the Ranch staff proved their steel once again.  Despite this being an all-new development and a huge test for all at the Cango Wildlife Ranch, everything was handled in a most professional manner and visitors left the Ranch enlightened and happy.

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