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Visitors to the Garden Route can see animals like lion, elephant, rhino and buffalo, which make up four of the Big Five. Due to the development of the area, wildlife is increasing being confined to reserves where they can survive undisturbed. Visitors can see and interact with elephants at the Elephant Sanctuary at the Craggs in Plettenberg Bay. Elephants have long been thought extinct in the Knysna forest but have recently been spotted again; visitors can explore the forest in the hopes of seeing these illusive giants. Smaller mammals can also be seen on the Garden Route. Monkeyland is full of primates playing and swinging from trees. Along the coast whales can often be seen from the shore and there are many boat trips out into the bay and around Robberg Peninsula. Dolphins and a large seal colony can also be seen in the area. Encroaching development has slowly but surely been wiping out the natural wildlife and environmentalists have been fighting to keep the area at its natural best. Developers have been attempting to take advantage of the tourism potential of the area but the very wildlife that makes the area so special is dwindling in the process. Conservation is being taken very seriously and will hopefully help to preserve the idyllic nature of the Garden Route.

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Wildlife Africa


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